The Trial

When your imminent trial comes around on judgment day, what questions await you and what are the correct answers?

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Jou Hofsaak

Jou onvermydelike hofsaak lê voor die deur en wag op oordeelsdag, of jy nou wil of nie. Watter vrae gaan aan jou gestel word? Wat is die antwoorde? Weet jy?

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Faith Like a Child

The motto of many a Christian organization is “Have faith like a child”.

What does it really mean?

Let us consider it for a moment.

To really understand it, we need to investigate both parts. Firstly, we will look at faith in context from Scripture to determine the proper meaning.

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5 Pillars of Christianity

Christianity is built on 5 imaginary pillars. However, these pillars must be grounded in the Tanakh (Old Testament) to be of value and truth. In this writing, we look at the 5 pillars to determine the probability of erecting a solid building (religion).

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To be Redeemed

What is redemption really?

Let’s take a quick look at redemption and see if we were told the truth or not. We will only consider Scriptural facts, for that is the only way the Creator gave us to discern the Truth.

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Christianity for New Searchers of Truth

Although this is aimed at “new believers”, people who are considering becoming Christians and searchers for Truth, many people may receive new insight into that which they have believed for decades. How about following Scripture to show the route out of the maze?

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Why some Jews accept Jesus as messiah.

Christians call their messiah “Jesus” and Messianics mostly call their’s “Yahshua”, “Yeshua”, “Yahushua”, “Yehshu”.
All you need to know is the right questions and a handful of irrefutable verses to fend off any false teaching.

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