How to discern – true and false religions

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How to discern between true and false religions


This document is written for the sole purpose to give anyone the tools to verify whether their religion is true or false. There is a standard method which is very easy and simple to use. The author has researched various religions over the years and eventually formulated this method which has proven successful in every case. There is an old saying “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still” thus by using this method, it is up to the reader to investigate whichever religion you want to, and from there draw your own conclusion.

Reasons for Religions in general.

Many religions were thought out by the elite to control the masses.

Another reason is getting rich quickly.

and yet another is fame.

And another is sex.


Many include a combination of the above.

A typical example of a religion for sex was David Koresh and his Branch Davidian cult.

A few interesting short Youtube videos for an insight:

Jesus in Australia

Jesus in Siberia

Many of these religions or cults ride on the back of the New Testament and the Jesus story. Why? Because they know it is likely the most emotional story of our time and thus can easily sway a person from the Common Sense method to the Feeling method to lure you in and tie you down. Did you hear how many people said “it makes me feel ……“?

I am naming some of the best known ones and its main traits.




Control / Money / Fame


Control / Sex


Money / Control / Sex

Judaism (Orthodox)



Fame / Money




Control / Sex


Control / Sex / Money


Control / Sex

The original main reason behind Christianity in the time of Paul/Shaul was fame. Later years, many more people wanted to make their “mark” for purposes of fame and Christianity split into hundreds of subgroups with some minor differences. Even later and until today, most branches of Christianity are concentrating on Money and Fame. For some good short videos, see this:

The church of believers with extra cash

$600 000 per weekend

560 000 people at a 4 day crusade

By screaming things out loud and putting up a big show does not turn falsehood into truth. It does however play with “FEELINGS” and cause the unexpected to succumb to the falsehood. That is EXACTLY the method Hitler used to psyche up the Germans to start killing their best Jewish friends, neighbors and acquaintances in the Holocaust.

The tools to use and the reasons.

Through life, all humans use logic and common sense to make certain decisions. That means we have a built-in method called common sense that is one of the biggest and best tools for the job.


One thing to avoid at all cost:

There is an emotion called “feeling” that plays a major role in life when it comes to decision making. It is okay to use this method, or rather to let this “method” control your reasoning when it comes to minor issues like which car to buy, what groceries to buy, where to go for holiday, which friends to go and visit etc. However, this is a VERY DANGEROUS “METHOD” to use when religion comes into play.

The reason why it is so dangerous is because that is exactly the “METHOD” used by the elite to get you to believe in their system. Hitler used it, TD Jakes uses it, Bennie Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and numerous others.

When using the COMMON SENSE METHOD, they cannot trick you into believing things. You cannot base your religion on belief alone. In fact, belief is a feeling or decision that you make, which should NEVER overrule COMMON SENSE.

Common sense will look at the FACTS surrounding the religion to determine whether it has any ground to stand on. Facts emerge mostly through archeology, external source acknowledgement and observation.

Where to start.

The best place I found to start, is with the main book that forms the foundation of the religion. You HAVE TO read the book yourself. Do NOT listen to preachers, prophets, deacons, pastors, evangelists, proselytizers, shaman, bishops, priests or anyone else, unless you verify every word. Many of these religions don’t even have a proper book to go and study.

Any single person or small group starting a religion is a con-job. The reason being, it is unverifiable. Let us look at some in greater depth.

Seventh Day Adventists that started with a similar story with Ellen White (one woman – red flag!) with special privileges to hear “God’s voice” – second red flag!

 Atheism that started with a crazy idea again from one single person, Darwin, that realized his stupid mistake, yet the elite saw a gap and started running with the hoax. Their main feature is also about “FEELINGS”. They reason that their is no “God” so you can do as you feel with no consequences.

Mormonism started with Joseph Smith (one man – red flag!) claiming to have special privileges – second red flag! Joseph Smith claimed the tablets he received were “taken back up to heaven”. Nice way to shield your false doctrine from scrutiny, isn’t it.

He made one BIG mistake though.He tried to preserve his dignity through his claim of being a Prophet and then “translated” a few Egyptian hieroglyph scrolls that he got from a merchant – never thinking that hieroglyphs will one day be deciphered. So, only years later he was finally caught out when comparing his “translation” to the original scrolls. See this for details: The Book of Abraham

Islam at least has a book to scrutinize, the Quran, however there is no archaeological evidence, external sources or observations to go by. It started with one man – red flag! – with special privileges – another red flag! For an English version of the history of Islam there is a good short video here Islam.

A VERY INTERESTING observation is the Islam / Catholicism connection. Have a close look at the differences and similarities between the two. The temples, shrines and clothing are identical, only the colors are exact opposite. Muhammad’s wife Khadija was a nun from a Roman Catholic Convent (Nun). Her cousin Waraquah was also a Roman Catholic. For much more details, see The Islamic Connection.

Let us have a look at the Torah. The Torah is better known as the 5 Books of Moses. When putting these 5 books through the same mill, let ‘s see what comes out the other end.

The Torah came about through Moses, which is one man – red flag! However, there were in the region of 3 million people that lived and experienced the Exodus from Egypt to Israel with him . He was the leader, but not the founder. He didn’t tell his secret stories to the 3 million. They experienced it themselves directly from the Creator. They all walked through the Red Sea, they all saw the Egytian army drown moments after they reached the other side. They all saw the cloud by day and the column of fire by night for a 40 year period. They all ate the manna every day and gathered twice the amount on Fridays to cater for Sabbath when no manna appeared.That is impossible to concoct because too many people from a group of several million would laugh at it if it was made up. There are lots of Israelites that still have their complete genealogy from the time of the Exodus.

There are firstly some very detailed stories with such weird things happening, that one could easily dismiss the stories for folklore if no evidence surfaced. However, for evidence of Noah’s flood, see this short and interesting video The Real Noah’s Ark.

For solid evidence of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt, through the Sea of Reeds to Mount Sinai see this video: Red sea crossing and this one: Mt Sinai

For evidence of the history of King David, Solomon and Herod, see this video: City of David – Israel

Lets look at Christianity Oops, it started with one man – Jesus – red flag! After that a small group (4 unknown people, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) wrote about him approx 30 years after his death and did not even sign their writings.. Even though there are some archaeological finds that may point to a few stories, there are lots of discrepancies, lies and botched prophecies to account for if the divinity of Jesus is true.

After this, Paul from Tarsus (Greek Philosopher) who saw a light and heard a voice, (claiming to have special privileges because no one else experienced it) started to run with the ball. Later taken over by Constantine and Martin Luther, it turned into the latest religion craze which they desperately tried to make fit to the Tanakh for credibility. Let us have a look at the New Testament, the book of Christianity and Catholicism. For a better understanding see this video: Botched prophecies and this one Divine origin

I hope this will assist you on your road seeking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

May you be blessed.

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