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We recommend that you read “The Trial” before continuing with this Q & A for a much better grasp of the truth as a whole.

Question: Is Jesus the Christ (Messiah spoken of by Tanakh (Old Testament))?

You said we were not disagreeing with you but with the Creator. There in lies one of the problems, you see the Creator as God the Father while I see creation accomplished by all three Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Having said that I could just as easily say that you are the one who disagrees with the Creator in that you do not believe that Jesus is the Christ.


Once you see the big picture, you will understand. I am not trying to convince you, I am trying to help you see the BIG picture. To see the big picture, you need to step away from the fine details. Look at the house from far away, then you can see if it is built with a water level and a square or not. What I am getting at here is if you put yourself in the Creator’s position,

Would you have hidden a redeemer and saviour for the people in the instruction manual for life?

And as they battle to find the hidden saviour, would you laugh as generation after generation for 4000 years die without finding the secret?

And only then you send this saviour to die for the sins of a handful of people that will blindly accept the story and be able to draw links and decipher shadow pictures and hidden mysteries, interpret thing that does not make sense, make up long outdrawn  lectures explaining errors and things that oppose your original words, making you sound like a liar and incompetent Creator that does not know the capabilities of His own creation?

The Torah  is clearly written for all to see and understand, even small children.

Deu_11:19  ‘And you shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up, 

Deu 31:12  “Assemble the people, the men and the women and the little ones, and your sojourner who is within your gates, so that they hear, and so that they learn to fear יהוה your Elohim and guard to do all the Words of this Torah. 

You don’t need to be a scholar for years, nor a rocket scientist, nor a preacher. You need no degrees, nor badges. You need to be SIMPLE to understand. : Psa 119:130  The opening up of Your words gives light, Giving understanding to the simple.


Question: How do you account for the Messianic Jew that realize Jesus is the Messiah?

You have said many times that you do not see Jesus in the OT. Be that as it may, my question is how do you account for the Messianic-Jew? These are people that have grown up in your faith, know your scriptures etc: and yet have come to realize that Jesus is the Messiah that was prophesied of in what we call the OT.


I regret to inform you, but I made an in-depth study of this very scenario. It bothered me for a long time, how  some Jews can say the the Jesus messiah is bogus and others believe in him. What I found was soooo interesting. To date,  ALL the Jews that I have spoken to or heard speaking about their belief in Jesus, either had a personal bad experience with other religious Torah observant Jews  or fell for the love love love emotional hype of Christianity. These Messianics keep talking about how they met messiah in a dream or vision or talk about feelings and emotions. They mention no supporting Scriptures from the Torah apart from the common misinterpreted and

out-of-context single verses repeated by the missionaries.


Question: The Aleph Tav proves Jesus is Messiah 

Here is a video that you should find interesting as it is about Gen 1:1 or should I say “In beginning” and also אֵ֥ת



1. I found it interesting to see that the SIMPLE would never have found these intricate hidden mysteries to evetually give them enough faith to look past all the hundreds of verses that say the exact opposite.

2. Once again this guy is trying to prove the New Testament by using the New Testament. That is circular reasoning and does not work. It is EXACTLY what evolution is all about: The strata layers determine the age of the fossils and the fossils found determine the age of the layers. Work that one out.

3. Strange how NO New Testament was ever found written in the original Hebrew. You think the Creator is incapable of preserving His own Word? How BIG is your Creator? Will He have his Word written in a Pagan tongue and let us search for an original Hebrew version for decades finding nothing?

4. Besides all of that, the Creator gives NO REQUIREMENT in the whole Tanakh for anyone to venerate, pray to, believe in or follow anyone but Himself. Every time He calls Himself by His own NAME only.

5. What we are looking at here is the greatest heist of all time. Jesus (or whoever wrote the books of the NT) hijacked all the attributes of YHWH, 300 years later, one of the greatest sun worshippers (Constantine) put the New Testament together and sold it to the unexpected as the “Word of the Lord”. What a con job!


Question:  Are you, saved by the law or by faith?


The short answer is No and No.

Your question reveals the flaws in the reasoning. You have already boxed yourself in by thinking that one is saved  by either faith or the law. Herein lies 3 big mistakes.

Firstly, being saved is not as the New Testament teaches. The old Testament shows clearly that being saved is being physically saved from your ENEMIES and not your soul saved from hell.

Secondly, we are saved by the Creator Himself.

Thirdly, it is through obedience to Torah which in turn proves your faith in Him, else, if you don’t believe that He exists and rules the universe, why bother? So faith is first. But faith in the old Testament is KNOWING, unlike faith in the New Testament which is BLINDand going on feelings and emotions. (See how emotional every church service is and you’ll understand. Take the emotional hyping-up and feelings-of-love out of Christianity and the whole Christian Religion will disappear in in a short time. (This excludes Catholicism that use scaremongering to keep you in line)).

The faith in Torah is visible and tangible. For 40 Years straight, the Israelites had at least 3 miracle per day – the manna, the Cloud, The Column of fire. Then there was the sea splitting, the Jordan splitting, the split rock giving water, the bitter water becoming sweet. Compare that to a few New Testament miracles with no eye witnesses and no continuous lineage form so-called deciples to show.

Just take the case of one of the MOST AMAZING things that likely never happened -the “Graves opening” and “The dead seen in Jerusalem, walking”. Not a single person went to the trouble of even talking to one of those people to find out what was happening – or did the Creator purposefully make all proof disappear to keep us wondering for another 2000 years so that we can disbelieve the messiah and go to hell? Do you think the Creator likes it when people die as pagans and christians?

Eze_18:23  “Have I any pleasure in the death of the wrong?” declares the Master יהוה. “Is it not that he should turn from his ways, and live?

Note: It does not say “Believe in my son and live” it says “turn from his ways”.

What is “his ways”? (man’s ways)

Let’s look in the Scripture:

Deu_28:29  “And you shall be groping at noon, as a blind man gropes in darkness, and not prosper in your ways. And you shall be only oppressed and plundered all the days, with no one to save you.

Jdg_5:6  “In the days of Shamgar, the son of Anath, in the days of Yaʽĕl, the highways were deserted, and the travellers went in crooked ways.

1Ki_16:26  and walked in all the ways of Yaroḇʽam son of Neḇat, and in his sin by which he had made Yisra’ĕl sin, provoking יהוה Elohim of Yisra’ĕl with their worthlessnesses.

2Ki_21:21  and walked in all the ways that his father had walked, and served the idols that his father had served, and bowed himself to them,

What is the Right way? (YHWH’s ways)

Deu_11:22  ‘For if you diligently guard all these commands which I command you, to do it, to love יהוה your Elohim, to walk in all His ways, and to cling to Him,

Deu_26:17  “You have today caused יהוה to proclaim to be your Elohim, and to walk in His ways and guard His laws, and His commands,and His right-rulings, and to obey His voice.

Deu_28:9  “יהוה does establish you as a set-apart people to Himself, as He has sworn to you, if you guard the commands of יהוה your Elohim and walk in His ways.

Deu_30:16  in that I am commanding you today to love יהוה your Elohim, to walk in His ways, and to guard His commands, and His laws, and His right-rulings. And you shall live and increase, and יהוה your Elohim shall bless you in the land which you go to possess.

Deu_32:4  “The Rock! His work is perfect, For all His ways are right-ruling, An Ěl of truth and without unrighteousness, Righteous and straight is He.

1Ki_2:3  “And guard the Charge of יהוה your Elohim: to walk in His ways, to guard His laws, His commands, His right-rulings, and His witnesses, as it is written in the Torah of Mosheh, so that you do wisely all that you do and wherever you turn;

1Ki_3:14  “And if you walk in My ways, to guard My laws and My commands, as your father Dawiḏ walked, then I shall prolong your days.”

1Ki_8:58  to incline our hearts to Himself, to walk in all His ways, and to guard His commands and His laws and His right- rulings, which He commanded our fathers. 

1Ki_11:33  ‘Because they have forsaken Me, and bow themselves to Ashtoreth the mighty one of the Tsiḏonians, to Kemosh the mighty one of the Mo’aḇites, and to Milkom the mighty one of the children of Ammon, and have not walked in My ways – to do what is right in My eyes, and My laws and My right-rulings, as did his father Dawiḏ. 

2Ki_17:13  And יהוה warned Yisra’ĕl and Yehuḏah, through all of His prophets, and every seer, saying, “Turn back from your evil ways, and guard My commands and My laws, according to all the Torah which I commanded your fathers, and which I sent to you by My servants the prophets.”

2Ki_22:2  And he did what was right in the eyes of יהוה, and walked in all the ways of his father Dawiḏ, and did not turn aside, right or left.

2Ch_7:14  and My people upon whom My Name is called, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I shall hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin and heal their land.

In the verse above it is SOOO clear. We are not going to heaven. We are going back to Israel, our country. Here, YHWH is stating that if we turn from our evil ways, which is the disregard of the Torah, He will fix the Land (Israel) and forgive our sin (NO MESSIAH NEEDED TO DIE to have your sins forgiven!! Woohoo!)

Isa_2:3  And many peoples shall come and say, “Come, and let us go up to the mountain of יהוה, to the House of the Elohim of Yaʽaqoḇ, and let Him teach us His ways, and let us walk in His paths, for out of Tsiyon comes forth the Torah, and the Word of יהוה from Yerushalayim.”


Wow, end time prophecy – THE TORAH comes from Tsiyon!

Psa_119:3  Yea, they shall do no unrighteousness; They shall walk in His ways.

Psa_119:5  Oh, that my ways were established To guard Your laws! 


Here follows what most Christian denominations say and do or don’t do:

Job_21:14  And they say to Ěl, ‘Turn aside from us, for we have no desire to know Your ways (Torah).

This is exactly what they say when you infirm them that the Law (Torah) was not nailed to the cross.

Job_24:13  They have become rebels against the light; they have not known His ways nor remained in His paths. (Torah).

What do you get for walking in His Ways?

Psa 81:13  “O, if My people had listened to Me, Yisra’ĕl would walk in My ways,

Psa 81:14  “I would subdue their enemies at once, And turn My hand against their adversaries!

Psa 81:16  “He would feed them with the finest of wheat; And with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.”

Now ask yourself: Has YHWH changed (even though He said He does not) or did He lie when He said this or did He mean something different that needs to be interpreted by some trained pastor or missionary?